Shala Ananda Offers 3 Different options to complete your training. Taking an additional 300hrs with us makes you become eligible for a 500RYT credential (if you already have RYT200).

You can also take the 300hr program if you havent complete your first 200hrs.

The 3 specializations offered are:

  1. INFINITY YOGA – Our signature program! Also our only program available 100% online!
  2. ASHTANGA – Coteaching with Wayne Krassner (KPJAYI authorized) who will cover the Intermediate series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system.
  3. AYURVEDA YOGA – Coteaching with Ayurveda Master Herbalist Sheri Chidanandi Sherokee, she will provide a wealth of information on ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, as well as anatomy and philosophy.


150 hrs of training that include:

A) SHIVANTA training- a Buddhist meditation, levels 1 and 2 (30 hrs plus homework)

B) Universal yoga 4 square mandala sequence – a practice for level 2 practitioners (45 hrs)

C) Universal instructions for every posture, from the teachings of Maty Ezraty (20)

D) Ashtanga vinyasa yoga primary series (15hrs), adjustments, modifications, and additional sequencing.

E) Teaching practice and methodology (15-30hrs)

The aforementioned part of the program can be schedule any 15 days within our availability schedule and at your own pace! To get a better feel for the curriculum check our 200hr program syllabus. For the other 150 hrs, choose from:

1.- INFINITY YOGA – available ONLINE

Also available at your own schedule! This option to complete the program focuses on the same main topics as our 200hr program, universal yoga’s 4 square mandala, ashtanga vinyasa primary series, and the exclusive practice of shivanata levels 1,2 and introduction to level 3 depending on your abilities! It requires an additional 15 days to complete (30 days total scheduled around your stay. Personalized.

2.- Ashtanga Intermediate (second) series. Not available online

This program, like all of our programs, can be started anytime! (See the 150 hrs common to all programs sections above). Wayne Krassner’s portion of the program will consist of an additional 150 hrs taught intensively over the course of 15 consecutive days. These 2week sessions are scheduled every time we have a group of 6 ready to take the program.

3.- Ayurveda not available online

Also can be started anytime, the schedule for the 150hrs with sheri Chidanandi Sherokee will be announced shortly