Henry Winslow and Veronica Lombo workshop October 25-27

Where? At the Westin Resort and Spa located in marina Puerto Vallarta, a convenient 5 minute ride from the airport in sunny Mexico!

How to book?

Contact yogabucerias@gmail.com to sign up for the workshop and obtain a link that will enable you to book the hotel at a discounted rate!

Henry Winslow is a dedicated yoga practitioner of 9 years, whose teaching is rooted in the Ghosh, Ashtanga, and Dharma Yoga traditions. In 2018, Henry took first place in the International Yoga Sport Federation’s world championships. Although strength and flexibility initially attracted him to the mat and remain a focal point of his teaching, his appreciation for the practice has since expanded beyond the physical. To Henry, yoga is above all else a tool for cultivating clarity. Through workshops, private and group classes, and his podcast Dharma Talk, Henry empowers students worldwide to connect to their innermost selves, where our natural resilience, unlimited power, and universal compassion reside. 

Veronica Lombo is a teacher, healer, and empath. Since becoming with familiar with depression, self harm, and suicidal tendencies at the age of 15, Veronica has dedicated her life to finding and sharing the most effective tools and techniques for mental and spiritual wellness. Everything she teaches she has tested firsthand. Veronica attended Bikram’s fall 2009 teacher training, as well as vinyasa trainings with Jared McCann in 2015 and 2016. Veronica believes that yoga is a powerful tool for moving energy in the body, discovering your inner strength, and living free.

[CLASS DESCRIPTIONS]HATHA VINYASAThis 90-minute class blends the dynamic movement of Ashtanga-based vinyasa yoga with the challenging stillness and therapeutic holds of classical Hatha yoga. Expect to rapidly generate your internal heat, and then come face to face with what’s inside yourself.
CLASSIC 84 ASANASIn this 2-hour class, we will move through a classic sequence of 84 Hatha yoga postures, from which the Ghosh and Bikram yoga lineages descended. Although this class was popularized in a hot room, we will practice at room temperature and allow the body to develop its own internal heat. There are no vinyasas in this sequence. Apart from the opening salutations to the gods, goddesses, sun, and moon, all postures are practiced with static holds.
MANTRA AND PRANAYAMAIn this one-hour class, you will be introduced to a several practical methods for shifting your energetic vibration toward grounding, protection, and abundance. There are no asanas in this class. Learn practices you can use any time anywhere to tap into your inner stillness and peace.
[WORKSHOP 1: HENRY]HIPS AND TWISTS: YOGA FOR DIGESTION AND BLOCKAGE RELEASEStagnant energy, lethargy, constipation, and depressive moods can often be traced back to blockages in the pelvis and lower abdomen. By moving energy through these areas with discernment and cultivating a heightened sense of awareness, we are able to break the seals that keep us glued in place.
In this workshop, we will move through a cohesively designed series of kriya and asana to provide relief from blockages of all kinds. Then, we will take a close look at the mechanics and alignment of several twisting postures, so that you are better equipped to leverage the rooting strength of your hips and find deep, therapeutic benefit in your twisting practice moving forward.
[WORKSHOP 2: VERONICA]BACKBENDING FOR HEALTH AND JOYBackbending postures offer much more in the way of benefits than mere spine strengthening. When practiced with patience and proper mechanics, backbends help to mobilize the entire spinal column and central nervous system. Doing so is the most efficient way to clear energetic blockages and trigger an undeniable sense of euphoria.
In this workshop, you will learn how to access the full range of motion in your spine and open the entire front side body safely and evenly, so that you can tap into your complete physical sensation, manage and relieve back pain, and learn to trust yourself in moments of vulnerability.

FRIDAYClassic 84 Asanas class with Henry

SATURDAYHatha Vinyasa class with Veronica

Hips and Twists Workshop with Henry


Hatha Vinyasa class with Henry

Backbending Workshop with Veronica

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