Shiva Nata Training – available online!

Consists of 12 hrs scheduled at your convenience, plus homework! (lots of homework)

Includes Manual

Cost 300USD 5900pesos

Online 149usd 3500pesos

The Dance of Shiva is represented by the commonly known image above

The Dance of Shiva is a form of yoga that can be traced back to buddha. the practice was rescued by mahayogui Andrey Lappa to whom I had the honor to learn it from and now present to you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you Guruji

The benefits of the practice are many!

  • Develops coordination and reaction
  • Increases memory
  • Enhances the ability to coordinate multiple mental processes simultaneously
  • Faster thought process
  • Upgrades the ability to link asanas through vinyasas for asana practitioners
  • Helps create new maneuvers for martial artists and professional dancers
  • Leads to meditation through one pointedness, high degree of concentration and mindfulness all in one!
  • Any activity that you perform will be enhanced, from handling multiple projects at work, attention to detail, become better driver, faster martial artist, more creative dancer, meditation
Sample of vertical arm combinations (used very commonly in martial arts)